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Australian Institute of Soft Skills Training

Credit Control Training 1 Day Course

It’s vital for any company no matter how big or small to be able to collect outstanding invoices. This one day course will give anyone who has to collect money, the skills to do so with confidence and ease.

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Presentation Skills Training / Interview Skills 2 Day Course

In this course, we will give you not only the confidence to overcome your nerves, but the skills and tools required to deliver an excellent presentation to anyone at any time.

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PA and Receptionist Enhancement Training 1 day Course

On this course, we will provide your receptionist with the skills and tools and most importantly – the attitude to be able to take full control of your front office/reception area, in such a way that they enhance the reputation of your company.

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Conflict Resolution Training / Difficult Conversations Training – 1 Day Course

This course is designed to give your staff members clear and easy to use tools and strategies to defuse conflicts, in such a way that all parties come away satisfied with the outcome.

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