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Conflict Resolution Training / Difficult Conversations Training – 1 Day Course

Conflict Resolution Training / Difficult Conversations – 1 Day Course

  • Conflict can be a symptom of a lawsuit waiting to happen

  • Have you considered how much money you lose when there is internal conflict?

  • Is internal conflict driving your customers away?

  • Is conflict costing you your best staff members?

  • Do you know why people are leaving your company?

1 Day Course: 8.30am-4.00pm

Price: $600 + GST


In today’s business environment it is important that all companies understand and deal with conflict, bullying and harassment in a professional and timely manner. Noticeable conflict can be a symptom of a more pressing problem within the company and if not addressed quickly, can lead to litigation or loss of reputation.

This course has been designed to ensure that everyone who attends understands the rights and responsibilities around workplace culture, including sexual harassment, bullying and cultural issues.

The participants will not only leave the course with the skills and tools to manage conflict, but also the behaviours to avoid conflict in the future.

Suitable for any staff member who has issues around conflict, or dealing with conflict, or has the need to have difficult conversations.

Key outcomes

From this course, all participants will gain the following:

  • A full understanding of what constitutes bullying, harassment and sexual harassment
  • The skills and confidence to address conflict
  • The confidence to positively address conflicts in a timely fashion
  • The skills and personal awareness to modify behaviours within a workplace to meet acceptable standards
  • Awareness and understanding of body language and how body language can be perceived in a positive or negative light
  • An awareness of voice and voice tone and how this can be perceived in a positive or negative light
  • The difference between non-assertive, assertive and aggressive behaviours
  • A full understanding of the laws around workplace bullying and harassment
  • Strategies to cope with anger and stress
  • Powerful negotiation skills to create lasting and positive outcomes
  • The ability to conduct difficult conversations to achieve positive outcomes

Our method

As with all AISS Training Courses, the course will be highly interactive, engaging and practical. We will use practical examples from your workplace to build your learning around.


The benefits to this course will be reduced conflict across the company and with customers, improved communications, relationships and best of all profits.

Course inclusions

  • Meet and greet in the lobby, before the start of your course
  • Purpose built training rooms (with natural daylight and blinds)
  • Printed course-specific manual
  • Continuous Espresso coffee, selection of teas and biscuits served in the communal break out area, available throughout your training day
  • Daily rotation of 2 menu items for morning tea and lunch
  • Communal breakout area to relax/unwind in your course’s allotted breakout times
  • Water and selection of flavoured Mentos
  • Notepad & pen provided for your training


Karstens Melbourne:

123 Queen St, Melbourne VIC 3000 (Melbourne CBD)

Karstens Sydney:

111 Harrington St, The Rocks NSW 2000 (Sydney CBD)


1 day

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