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Australian Institute of Soft Skills Training


 Some of our happy customers

“Learning to change my behaviour to make my work life more productive. I learnt a lot and will go back to work with a new attitude!” Claire, Roadside Services

“Being able to relate to my job and get real suggestions for my situation. Enthusiast facilitator and knowledgeable.” Tara, Autism SA

“The facilitator was very helpful and ensured he spent time with each individual and gave scenarios/situations which related to the industry they’re in which made it easy to learn and understand.” CMV Truck and Bus Pty Ltd

“I had 6 questions at the start of the day that I wanted answered and all 6 were answered.” Joanne, IMI Precision Engineering

“All my objectives were met, enjoyed the presentation style and the content– training without appearing to train.” Shannon, AKS Industries Australia Pty Ltd.

“Without a doubt one of the best training sessions I have attended. Very engaging facilitator who reenergised my somewhat jaded view of debt collection. We used role play to go through some very practical scenarios which were put into practice the very next day with fantastic results. I would highly recommend a tailored training course to suit the needs of your business. ” Sharon Allen (Senior Revenue Administration Officer) Bass Coast Shire Council, Debt Collection Training/Credit Control Training 

“Entertaining facilitator taught an old dog new tricks” Mark Greening (finance project officer) Bass Coast Shire Council, Debt Collection Training/Credit Control Training 

“We attended the Soft Skills – Debt Collection. This training was the best training that I have attended. the facilitator tailored the training session to suit our teams’ specific needs. The facilitator was very engaging, charismatic and made the training enjoyable. We all came away with some excellent tools that I use daily. Thanks, I hope to attend another of your sessions in the future.” Andrea Phillips (Revenue Administration Officer) Bass Coast Shire Council, Debt Collection Training/Credit Control Training

Executive Coaching / One-on-One Testimonials

“The programs were very interactive, learning some life changing skills. The programs felt like it was tailored to my every need.” Mark, BSA Limited

“The facilitator is a great and natural sales person and an amazing character and also a very good trainer. I’m happy with all aspects and points that we worked on and felt the training was especially tailored for me, with lots of interaction and feedback that really helped for now and for the rest of my career.” Monica, Executive Coaching participant.

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