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The secret to employee retention is work/life balance

The secret to employee retention is work/life balance

Attracting and retaining the best talent from across the 4 generations.

Having read the LinkedIn survey on 4 generations of talent revealed, it appears that the top of every generation’s list in what attracts them to their workplace is a good work/life balance. So how can a good work/life balance be achieved, while having a productive, revenue generating company?

We believe it’s soft skills; in the past people were task oriented, working in silo-environments, but in a modern 21st Century company, whether you be in manufacturing, retail or I.T. human communications are now at the centre of everything we do. However, as always many company cultures lag the reality of the modern world.

For many companies or people, you say the word “soft skills” and you’re met with a blank expression. So in a few words, here’s what soft skills are all about. They are the bits you’re not taught in school, university or in the workplace.

Things like:

  • Interpersonal skills
  • The ability to get on with your co-workers
  • How to be assertive, rather than aggressive
  • How to ask proper questions and give feedback and much more

Without these skills, it doesn’t matter how brilliant someone is, jobs will over-run, budgets will blow out and that much sought after work/life balance disappears.

According to the Herald Sun, Saturday 25 June 2016, Career One page – smart employers are now hiring with a heavier weight towards people’s emotional intelligence (EI), than their intelligence quota (IQ).

According to Geraldine Chin Moody, Group executive for people, culture and sustainability with Virgin Australia, who have recently won the 2016 most attractive employer award from Randstad, advised that Virgin hire people based on cultural fit and people’s passion for people. Geraldine says when she is interviewing the thing she is looking at most intently is the applicant’s personality and how they will fit into the culture of the organisation.

To have a winning personality it is vital that employees are in touch with their emotional intelligence and this can only be brought about by dedicated soft skills.

So when people attend a Customer Service course, they get far more than how to be ‘nice to people’ or when they attend a Sales course it’s far more than knowing how to manage a territory. Embedded in each soft skills course is the interpersonal knowledge, not just to do their job, but also to be a better, more productive, more collaborative and a more engaged human being.

How has soft skills training at your company led to a good work/life balance?

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